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P.O. Box 547
Bewdley, Ontario, Canada K0K 2E0

Phone: 905 797-2535 Messages checked daily.

Hours of Operation:
Thursdays ~ 10 a.m to 3 p.m.

Mailing Address:
7494 Bamsey Drive
Hamilton Township
Ontario L0L 1E0

Co-Chair Team:
Sandra Bell-Buttars
Carol Ann Moore Ede
Bill Moore Ede

Vice Chairperson:
Kathy Thom

Did you know?
93,000 people each month access a food bank for the first time*.
*Food Banks Canada HungerCount Report 2012
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And speaking of sharing...
Here's a good news story that we just had to share with you!

Tamara, one of our volunteers, offered to go shopping and pick up some deodorants, socks, razors, gloves, toothbrushes etc - things we need but people don't usually think of donating.

Tamara took her daughter and went off to the Dollarama in search of some deals. She met another lady who was buying much the same things as she was going to Cuba and was taking items to distribute to some needy folks down there.

Tamara told her all about our food bank and they had a good visit. When Tamara got to the till to pay, the lady came up behind her and asked if it would be alright if she paid the $109.00 bill for our food bank because she thought what we do is wonderful.

That is a true gift of sharing for us and we are so grateful.  We don't even know her name, she just believed in what we do based on what Tamara told her.

Of course both women had a good cry. We have some wonderful angels and fairys at work in our area don't we?